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Everyday Wellness

Elizabeth Manneh Feb 10

We've all gulped down water left over from last night—on the nighttable, on the counter, in the car—but is drinking stale water really safe?

istock/yipengge Since Sam Edelman Sera Laser Perforated Metallic Leather and Pearl Studded Platform Sandals 4tTOQpsIu
, it’s not uncommon to wake up thirsty. But whether or not you should sip from the glass you left on the nightstand (was it last night? The night before?) is up for debate.

You probably know that drinking water left in an open glass is not super sanitary. Dust, debris, and even the odd passing mosquito, can drop into the glass overnight, leaving an unhealthy surface scum. Even a closed container like a bottle or pitcher introduces problems, mainly because our skin is coated with sweat, dust, skin cells, and even nasal discharge, so once we put the bottle in our mouth, these can all “backwash” into the remaining water, causing contamination. Our saliva also carries bacteria, which does the same. “If it’s allowed to incubate for hours, that could potentially contaminate the water, and make you ill by reintroducing that bacteria,” says Marc Leavey, MD, primary care specialist at Mercy Medical Center in Massachusetts. “Once you have put your lips to the bottle, you should consume that bottle in one sitting and then discard it.”

But let’s get real: Since it’s your own bacteria, it’s unlikely that you’ll actually get sick Though no one brags about it, many people sip from used drinking glasses, mugs, and bottles without any ill effects. But it’s certainly not advisable to share your bottle with someone else. Neither should someone with a reduced immune system, such as transplant patients, those undergoing chemotherapy, or people living with HIV/AIDS, be exposed to contaminated water.

And it makes no difference whether it’s bottled or tap water. It’s a Crocs Sloane Womens Slide Sandals uyQvFgZZ4
. Both have to The Citron Lemon Stripe Detail Ankle Strap PeepToe Block Heel Dress Sandals P7vMWZrO
, and up to 25 percent of bottled water is drawn from the main water supply anyway.

So what about leaving water in places like your car? Water left in the sun will heat up, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you’ve already drunk from it. Placing the bottle under your seat may reduce the heat a little, but bacteria will still grow.

Some kinds of plastic bottles contain BPA or similar chemicals, which can leach into the water, especially when it’s exposed to sunlight. There is research suggesting that MUK LUKS Charlie Mens Chukka Boots Da1FlyxoGK
affecting the brain and behavior, although the FDA has stated that the level of BPA transference is within safe limits. Using a BPA-free bottle would eliminate this issue, but not the growth of bacteria, especially if you’re using a metal bottle, which heats up quickly, encouraging the germs to multiply.

Of course, staying hydrated is good for our health, so it’s important to recognize the signs of dehydration . Dr. Leavey offers this advice to stay healthy: “Avoid putting your mouth to the bottle. Just pour it into a cup or pour it directly into your mouth.”

Hadden Franco Sarto mUwXsjR
Elizabeth Manneh
Elizabeth is an experienced freelance writer, specializing in health wellness, education learning, family life parenting, and women's issues. She's been published on Huffington Post, and was a regular contributor to Love Live Health and Daily Home Remedy. Elizabeth is a retired primary school principal and education consultant, with a continuing passion for education and learning. She's familiar with writing newsletters, reports to stakeholders, financial reports, business plans and evaluation reports.
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Osteoarthritis is one of the most common reasons for severe knee pain. It is wear and tear of the joints, and is a progressive, degenerative condition that...

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Spanish Sentences Maker proporcionar (lang: sp)
Nosotros hacemos todo lo posible para proporcionar un buen servicio.
We do our best to provide good service.
Estas lecciones deben proporcionaros lo indispensable del español.
These lessons should provide you all with the essential Spanish.
Nosotros siempre les proporcionamos un ambiente seguro.
We always provide them a safe environment.
Para proporcionar un buen servicio al cliente nosotros utilizamos control de llamadas.
To provide a good customer service, we use a call-in control.
Se les proporcionará un abogado de oficio.
An attorney will be appointed to you.
Para proporcionar un buen servicio al cliente nosotros utilizamos control de llamadas.
To provide great customer service, we use call monitoring.
Preferimos proporcionar facilidades fiscales.
We are in favour of promoting it by offering tax relief.
Nosotros debemos proporcionar esa oportunidad.
We must give them this opportunity.
¿Estamos dispuestos a proporcionar esos recursos?
Are we ready to pay for those resources?
Queremos progresar para proporcionar bienestar.
We want to make progress in social welfare.
Aquí debemos proporcionar medidas agresivas.
We must provide aggressive measures here.
Nos hemos esforzado para proporcionar ayuda material.
We have endeavoured to provide material help.
En segundo lugar, debe proporcionar seguridad jurídica.
Second, it must provide the legal certainty.
Señor Deva, no nos limitaremos a proporcionar fondos.
To Mr Deva, we will not just give the money.
Su asegurador no está autorizado a proporcionar ese seguro.
Their current home insurer is not allowed to provide that cover.
¿Porqué tendrían que proporcionar pruebas de seguridad?
Why should anyone then have to demonstrate the safety of any product?
Por lo tanto, deberíamos proporcionar una compensación.
We should therefore provide for compensation.
Esta frase puede proporcionar una impresión errónea.
This phrase could give the wrong impression.
Nuestra primera prioridad era proporcionar ayuda humanitaria.
Our first priority was to provide humanitarian assistance.
También tiene que alentar y proporcionar recursos.
It must also stimulate and make resources available.
Debemos proporcionar contenidos seguros de gran calidad.
We must provide high standard, safe content.
¿Puede usted también proporcionar cifras al respecto?
Can you also supply figures for this?
Pero nuestro objetivo es proporcionar la legislación.
But the aim is to provide the legislation.
Sí, queremos demostrar solidaridad y proporcionar ayuda.
Yes, we want to show solidarity and provide assistance.
La Comisión va a proporcionar instrucciones a este respecto.
The Commission is going to issue instructions in this connection.
Además debe proporcionar seguridad para el mañana.
It must also provide security for tomorrow.
Necesitaremos proporcionar los fondos necesarios para eso.
We will need to provide the necessary funds for that.
Nuestra tarea, sin embargo, es proporcionar información.
Our task, however, is to provide information.
El Parlamento Europeo debe proporcionar una respuesta.
The European Parliament must provide an answer.
¿Qué posibilidades vamos a proporcionar a los ciudadanos?
What opportunities are we to give our citizens?
Además resulta indispensable proporcionar una mayor información.
It is also essential to make the provision of information more effective.
Esto ayudará, en cierta medida, a proporcionar más puestos de trabajo, pero definitivamente ayudará a proporcionar más derechos.
This will help, to some extent, to provide more jobs, but it will definitely help to provide more rights.
Hemos conseguido incrementar nuestra capacidad de proporcionar ayuda humanitaria.
We have managed to increase our ability to deliver humanitarian assistance.
Deberíamos esforzarnos por proporcionar estímulos y servir de ejemplo.
We should endeavour to provide incentives and to act as a model.
En este aspecto, hay que proporcionar seguridad a los ciudadanos.
The public needs to be made to feel secure about this.
También debemos concentrarnos más en proporcionar información a los consumidores.
Furthermore, there must be more focus on consumer information than is the case at present.
La Comisión también está dispuesta a proporcionar asistencia técnica.
We are also ready to provide technical assistance.
¿Qué informaciones nos va a proporcionar a nosotros los diputados?
What information do they want to give us, the Members of this Parliament?
Proporcionar plena información significa que los consumidores puedan elegir.
Providing full information means that consumers have choice.
Pero no podemos proporcionar una respuesta clara en este momento.
But we cannot give a clear answer at this point.
Esto nos puede proporcionar información muy valiosa sobre varias restricciones.
This may provide us with very valuable information on various restrictions.
Estamos obligados a proporcionar ayuda y asistencia a las víctimas.
We owe aid and assistance to the victims.
La Unión Europea está dispuesta a involucrarse y proporcionar ayuda humanitaria.
The European Union is willing to get involved here and provide humanitarian aid.
Además, también estoy a favor de proporcionar ayuda adecuada a los drogodependientes.
In addition, I am also in favour of proper help for addicts.
Nosotros también tenemos que proporcionar nuestra propia formación.
We must also provide our own training.
Como verdadera política, su deseo también es proporcionar orientación.
As a true politician, she also wants to give some guidance.
Proporcionar orientación e información a los trabajadores sanitarios y a los ciudadanos.
provision of guidance and information to health care workers and the public;
La función de este informe es proporcionar un sucesor.
The role of this report is to provide a successor.
Si no podemos proporcionar empleo no tiene sentido conceder derechos.
If we cannot provide employment, there is no sense in granting rights.
Espero firmemente que la OTAN pueda proporcionar más tropas.
I strongly hope that NATO will be able to provide more troops.
No se trata de que el Consejo se digne a proporcionar información.
It is not a question of the Council deigning to provide the information.
Por consiguiente, no puede proporcionar protección internacional a los que la necesitan.
It consequently cannot provide international protection for those who need it.
Tienen que proporcionar medidas para los empleados del sector azucarero.
They simply have to provide measures for employees in the sugar industry.
Esta es la visión que podría proporcionar la necesaria diversidad.
This is the vision that could provide the necessary diversity.
Tal vez se podría proporcionar alguna observación a ese respecto.
So perhaps there could be a comment on that.
Con esto concluye la información que deseaba proporcionar al Parlamento.
That concludes the information that I wished to give to Parliament.

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Privacy Policy for M/I Homes

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected online by M/I Homes, Inc., its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively referred to as "M/I Homes") in connection with its U.S.-based websites, microsites, mobile sites or mobile apps that expressly adopt, display or link to this Privacy Policy (collectively referred to as our “Sites”). It also applies to personal information M/I Homes collects in connection with the M/I Homes pages on social media sites, such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Google Plus® or others (collectively referred to as our "Social Media Pages").

This Privacy Policy answers the following questions:

1. What information does M/I Homes collect about you on our Sites and Social Media Pages?

We may collect information about you from a variety of sources, including when:

Information You Provide

We may ask you to provide information about yourself directly to our Sites, such as the following:

We may allow you to use your personal social media account, on social media sites (“Personal Social Media Account”), to provide information to us when you participate in certain features on our Sites. This information may include any information you have shared on your Personal Social Media Accounts, such as the following:

It is also possible that we will be able to continue collecting this information from your Personal Social Media Accounts should the information be revised by you later. You may choose not to provide us with certain requested information, but then you might not be able to take advantage of some of the features on our Sites.

Information Observed or Collected Through Technology

Navigational information, such as the following, is collected by us and our third party service providers when you use our Sites:

Our Sites and emails include features that may require collecting different types of location information that we then use for the specific feature you have selected, such as:

We and our third party service providers use “cookies.” Cookies assign a unique identification to your device and are typically stored on your device by your web browser. We may also use pixel tags (also known as web beacons, web bugs, and clear GIFs) on the Sites and in emails. A pixel tag is a nearly invisible pixel-sized graphic image on a webpage or in an email message.

The information we and our third party service providers collect through cookies, pixel tags and similar technology includes the following:

For additional information on the use of cookies for advertising, see “3. How is technology used to serve our advertisements on other Sites that you visit and what choices do you have?”.

Information Obtained from Third parties

We may combine information about you from other sources with the information we have collected about you on our Sites or Social Media Pages.

For example, in connection with searching and applying for jobs with us, we may use a third party to collect and process the applicant profiles and preferences, monitor website activity, maintain the database based in the U.S and provide plug-ins (such as LinkedIn) at your request. We require that the information you provide on pages hosted by these third parties be maintained by them in confidence. Information you voluntarily supply will be stored in a database, which will be accessed by authorized personnel of M/I Homes to address your inquiry or consider you for employment purposes with any of our affiliates. We may also keep the information for future consideration.

Information Collected on M/I Homes’ Social Media Pages

Personal information may be collected directly by us through our Social Media Pages. The type of information we would collect is similar to what is described above under “Information You Provide.” Personal information may also be collected by the social media site hosting our Social Media Pages. Our Privacy Policy does not cover the privacy and security practices of the social media sites on which M/I Homes has its Social Media Pages.

2. How do we use the information we collect about you?

The information we learn from you helps us personalize your experience with us and our communications to you, and helps us continually improve your experience on our Sites.

We use the information you provide, information collected through your Personal Social Media Accounts, and information collected on our Social Media Pages for things like:

We use navigational information gathered through technology for determining things like:

We use information collected through cookies and similar technology to determine many of the same things listed for navigational information above. In addition cookies and similar technology are used for things like:

We use third-party analytics providers, such as Google Analytics, to measure traffic and usage trends, and to help us better understand your use of and interaction with our Sites and Social Media Pages. For more information on how Google uses data when you use our Sites, Lea Wedge SOREL dw7T2bF7UA

Similar to the navigational information described above, the social media sites where we have our Social Media Pages may provide aggregate information and analysis to us about visitors to our Social Media Pages. This allows us to better understand and analyze our user growth, general demographic information about the users of, and interaction with content on, our Social Media Pages.

3. How is technology used to serve our advertisements on other sites that you visit and what choices do you have?

We may contract with third party advertising companies to tailor online advertising to be directed to you on other websites. These third party advertising companies place, use, or rely on technology, such as cookies and pixel tags, to obtain information about your interactions with our Sites as well as with other websites. This information helps us select advertising to serve to you and where to serve it based on your experience on our Sites and other sites that you visit.

For information about opt out programs that these third party advertising companies participate in, and the effect of opting out, click the following: DAA Opt Out WRT300v1 New Balance Classics baW6EY
or NAI Opt Out click here . By clicking this website, you will then leave our Site for another online site where you may specify your preferences under that opt-out program. You can also click the preference icon that may appear on some of our advertising served through these technologies. You should also note that our systems may not recognize “Do Not Track” headers from some or all browsers.

4. Does M/I Homes share your information with third parties?

We do not sell, rent, or trade your personal information to unrelated third parties except as set forth below. We may share your personal information with the following:

If M/I Homes were ever merged with or acquired by another company, or if we acquire another business entity or are involved in a corporate reorganization or other change of control, or if we sell substantially all the assets of a division, affiliate or subsidiary, some or all of the personal information collected about you could be shared with the acquiring or acquired company.

We may also share aggregate data about our sales, customers, traffic patterns, and other related Site information with third parties, but none of this data is connected to an individual’s personal information.

5. What choices do you have over how M/I Homes uses your information?

We give you choices about the information we collect and how we communicate with you.

6. How does M/I Homes secure your information on its Sites?

Our Sites utilize encryption technology. We also use firewalls and have implemented other reasonable technical, administrative and physical measures designed to protect the personal information in our custody or control from unauthorized access, use, modification and disclosure. Moreover, we regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks. While we implement these security measures on our Sites, you should be aware that 100% security is not always possible.

We may enable you to navigate to third-party websites through links on our Sites. We do this for your convenience. If it is not one of our Sites, we don't endorse, may not have any affiliation with, do not control and aren't responsible for those third-party websites and/or their Internet and web practices. Whether the third-party content appears within our Site environment (like a map frame), or you leave our Site for another website to view it, the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of those other websites govern your online experience. Please review their terms of service and privacy policies if you have any question about their practices.

7. Will this Privacy Policy change?

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it periodically. We will update the effective date of the Privacy Policy at the time a change is made.

8. How can I contact M/I Homes?

If you have questions or concerns with respect to our Privacy Policy, please contact the Privacy Policy Manager by visiting and submitting your question.

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Diane LeViseur

Bus garage employees stand behind the blankets they made to contribute to Project Linus

Riley Berman , Contributing Writer January 12, 2018 Filed under , Showcase

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In the fall, district employees in the Monroe-Woodbury Bus Garage contributed to Project Linus, a nationwide organization designed to give hand-made blankets to children in hospitals and others in need. The blanket drive is usually held in October of each year at the bus garage.

“After reading about Project Linus and its mission of bringing comfort to children, I felt that it was something that I needed to do, and hopefully could motivate others to do,” said bus attendant Ms. Pratt, who introduced this project to the M-W community.

Ms. Pratt encouraged others to participate in Project Linus, including Dawn Russell, the Director of Transportation at the Monroe-Woodbury Bus Garage, and some others at the Monroe-Woodbury Education Center this year. The number of blankets made increased from 73 to 260 since 2012, and the goal for next year is 300. For better progress, they are hoping to make this a district-wide project next year.

People from the community can volunteer to help with the cause. Although Project Linus is designed to give hand-made blankets, people can also contribute by donating money.

“There are several people at the garage that make more than 10 blankets each,” said Ms. Pratt. “There are many that make 2 or 3 blankets.”

Project Linus was created in 1995 in Denver, Colorado by Karen Loucks. According to the official webpage, Project Linus hosts a “Make a Blanket Day” on the third Saturday of February to raise awareness about the cause.

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